Paradise Pepper Sauce

Spicy Cranberry

Savor the flavors that enhance your favorite dishes.

Paradise Pepper Sauce


Bring sweet and spicy flavors to the food you love to share.

Paradise Pepper Sauce

Sweet Habañero

Glaze it with savory and spicy California bell peppers.

Sweet, Spicy, Delicious

BrannenGourmet’s Paradise Pepper Sauces™ and BBQ Sauces are sweet, savory and spicy masterpieces of red and yellow California bell peppers, the perfect amount of luscious fruit and a hint of Habañero. These amazingly versatile sauces bring out the flavors from poultry, fish, pork, beef, wild game, vegetables, BBQ and stir fry. Melt as a glaze or pour over cream cheese or brie. You may find yourself using our sauces to spice up all of your culinary creations.

See our mouth-watering recipes for more ideas.

Our Paradise Pepper Sauces™ and BBQ Sauces are made with California grown peppers and sun-ripened fruits. We cook our sauces in small batches to bring out the delicious sweet and spicy flavor. Each jar and bottle are hand-packed for you right here in Northern California. Enjoy, each of our sauces we made them just for you.


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